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La Jolla Vacation Rental Management

La Jolla Vacation Rental Management

Hire Swell Property for Premier Full-Service Short-term Rental Management in La Jolla

Swell Property specializes in maximizing the profit of your vacation rental property, providing first-class vacation rental management in La Jolla CA, that makes your experience hassle-free. We offer a full suite of management services from buying the property, through powerful marketing and setting up property for short-term rental, to guest communication, cleaning, maintenance and rent collection. Our team of devoted seasoned professionals handles every aspect of vacation rental management customized to meet your unique needs and goals. When you partner with Swell Property you can expect a flawless experience from start to finish.

Currently, we manage over $100 million in vacation rentals, including beachfront cottages, bungalows, one-bedroom casitas, lofts, and penthouses. As reliable real estate experts, we will help you not only in daily operations but also in increasing rental revenue, saving you valuable time, and ensuring continuous occupancy and guest loyalty. Contact Swell Property, leading vacation rental management in San Diego at 760.452.2345 and find out how to add value and more profit to your rental investment while having peace of mind.

Vacation Rental Management Services in La Jolla

If you are a property owner in La Jolla looking to optimize the potential of your vacation rental, look no further than Swell Property. We are your prime associate in turning your property into an appealing destination for travelers. We offer all-inclusive services that cover the management and marketing of your vacation rental but also expand to purchasing real estate in California. We can lift the burden off your shoulders and help you unlock the true potential of your vacation rental business.

Our trustworthy and skilled team handles all aspects of managing your vacation rental, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for both you and your guests. From marketing and advertising your property to handling inquiries, and guest communication, we take care of it all. Our goal is to optimize occupancy rates and the owner’s revenue while maintaining a high-level of guest satisfaction.

Our short-term rental management services include all the following:

Pricing & Marketing

  • Analysis of La Jolla market trends and demand fluctuations
  • Cost analysis and adjustments to promote the highest revenue for the owner
  • Strong advertising campaign on multiple platforms and channels
  • Target-oriented marketing for better visibility and coverage
  • Professional real estate photography
  • Extensive expertise in the local La Jolla market

Improving Guest Experience

  • Overseeing guest check-in and check-out
  • Local tips to the guests
  • Responding to guest inquiries 24/7
  • Stellar hospitality to acquire loyal customers
  • Handling guest reviews
  • Focus on quality and 5-star service

Housekeeping & Maintenance

  • Arranging professional cleaning
  • Regular maintenance inspections and checks
  • Restocking guest amenities on turns
  • Recommending home upgrades to maximize revenue
  • Home Safety checks and inspections
  • Laundry and linen service


  • Owner’s monthly payout statements
  • Rent collection & Check delivery – Check collection
  • Invoicing and deductions
  • Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) coordination
  • Rent and security deposit collection
  • Direct deposit directly to owner’s account


  • Synchronizing with owner’s calendar
  • Open line of communication for increased transparency
  • Handling reservations and cancellations
  • Collaboration with licensed and insured vendors and contractors
  • Safety regulations compliance
  • Coordinating property setup for renting


  • Obtaining and renewal of STR permits
  • Vacation rental agreement preparation
  • Licensing Applications
  • Proper Insurance Coverage
  • HOA Registration
  • Good Neighbor Compliance

Benefits of Partnering with Swell Property

As a property owner, you may be contemplating whether to run your short-term vacation property on your own or entrust operations to a professional company like Swell Property. While managing alone may provide you with a sense of control, if you partner with us, you will enjoy a range of benefits that will reveal the true potential of your vacation rental business. Ultimately, the decision depends on your personal circumstances and goals.

Let’s explore the advantages of hiring Swell Property to manage your vacation rental:

Increasing Your Revenue

Increasing Your Revenue

Our comprehensive methods can significantly increase your rental income. Our team applies dynamic pricing strategies based on current La Jolla market trends and local events. We diligently monitor and adjust rates to establish optimal occupancy and profits, maximizing your return on investment.

Increasing Your Revenue

Time and Convenience

Time and Convenience

Delegating your vacation rental operations to Swell Property saves you precious time and effort. Our highly experienced team handles all aspects of the management, including guest inquiries, maintenance, housekeeping and marketing. You will gain valuable time to focus on other endeavors while we ensure the seamless running of your vacation rental business.

Marketing and Increased Visibility

Your will benefit from our extensive marketing and advertising strategies. Or powerful marketing campaigns enhance visibility, reach a wider audience, and ultimately get you more bookings. We help your vacation property stand out in a crowded La Jolla market by utilizing professional photography and compelling listings advertised across multiple platforms.

Increasing Your Revenue

Expertise and Experience

We bring years of industry expertise to the table. We understand the intricacies of the vacation rental market in La Jolla and implement productive strategies to maximize your revenue. We are always up to date with current trends, regulations, and best practices, which, in turn, ensures your property stays highly competitive and compliant.

Peace of Mind

One of the top advantages of collaborating with Swell Property is certainly peace of mind. Rest assured, knowing that your vacation rental is in capable hands. We relieve the burdens of day-to-day management, allowing you to enjoy vacation property ownership without the associated hassles. We strive to deliver exceptional service, protect your investment, and provide expert and prompt support whenever you need it.

Increasing Your Revenue

Guest Satisfaction and Support

Client satisfaction can make or break your business. Swell Property is famed for exceptional guest service. We address guest inquiries promptly and ensure that guests have a fantastic stay. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 and strives to maintain a high level of guest satisfaction. When you maintain a high level of guest satisfaction, customers return again and again. Happy guests translate into positive reviews and loyal clients.

Professional Services

With Swell Property, you enjoy the advantages of streamlined vacation rental management operations and access to professional services. We handle all aspects, including advertising, maintenance, housekeeping, legal compliance and financial reporting. Our network of trustworthy vendors ensures that your property receives the best care it deserves.

Increasing Your Revenue

5-Stars Rated on Vacation Rental Management Company

Take Full Advantage of Leading Vacation Rental Management Company in La Jolla

As an owner, cooperating with Swell Property professionals means you can relax and enjoy the benefits of successful vacation rental property ownership. Our personalized approach means we fully understand your specific goals and requirements, and we customize our services to maximize your rental income. With our thorough knowledge of the La Jolla vacation rental market, we ensure your property always stays competitive and enforces a consistent flow of bookings. Contact us at 760.452.2345 or to discover how Swell Property can help you prosper in the vacation rental market.

Vacation Rental Management Services Throughout San Diego Coastal Area

Swell Property short-term rental management services are spread across San Diego. We pride ourselves on our substantial expertise and knowledge in acquiring vacation rentals as well as supervising daily operations. If you are a host in San Diego area looking to rent your property, contact us at 760.452.2345.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is a vacation rental management fee in La Jolla?

A typical vacation rental property management fee will depend on a variety of factors such as the size and type of your property, the condition of rental unit, as well as the location. To discover what the fee would be for your property, contact us at 760.452.2345 or Our diligent and resourceful staff will assist you in answering any inquiries you might have.

2. What is the pet policy for vacation rentals?

You, the owner, get to choose whether to allow pets. Swell property abides by the owner’s pet policy. It is worth knowing that pet ownership is on the rise in the US, with over 60% of households owning pets, which means an increased pool of potential clients.

3. Does Swell Property have a local vacation rental manager?

Swell Property has built strong relationships with local cleaners, handymen, and other professionals from La Jolla, providing fast response time and ensuring client satisfaction.

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