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Escondido, CA

Property Management in Escondido, CA

Swell Property Helps Secure Steady Profits from Your Escondido Rental Property

One of the most lucrative ways of making a profit is investing in real estate. However, yielding returns can be quite challenging, as owning a property comes with countless responsibilities, such as bills, paperwork, maintenance, inspection and legal issues. This is where Swell Property Escondido property managers come in.

If you own a property in the Escondido area, we can take a huge load off your shoulders and successfully manage and market your rental property. You will save a significant amount of time and have a steady profit pouring in. Most importantly, you will not have to worry or stress about day-to-day activities overseeing a property.

Swell Property tackles all rental property management services – from marketing, administration, and accounting to maintenance and resolving issues with tenants. We offer all-inclusive and customizable services for your convenience.

We are a highly experienced all-inclusive property management company, with thirty years of presence in the industry. Thanks to our rich heritage of excellence and unprecedented knowledge of the region, we have quickly become reputable and respectable in Escondido community. Our main goal is to bring more value to your investment and properly protect your interests as an owner.

Learn why our San Diego property management is renowned across all neighborhoods in San Diego. Contact our property management today at 760.452.2345 to find out how we can help you keep your property in the best condition, while having a steady cash flow.

Escondido Property Management – Full-Service Package

We at Swell Property have been working diligently for over thirty years to achieve the expertise we are famous for today. Based on our incomparable knowledge of both the Escondido real estate market and the supply and demand fluctuations in the industry, we created business models to completely match your needs.

Our most popular package available is full-service management. This bundle is designed specifically for owners who want to maximize their profit and have a steady income flow but have no time to conduct daily operations. This is our most comprehensive package, including versatile services related to property management:

  • 24/7 full-service maintenance              
  • Marketing promotion
  • Annual property inspections
  • Coordinating turnovers
  • Tenant screening and placement
  • Handling Tenants’ Inquiries
  • Solutions for reducing owner liability
  • Tenant Placement package included in its entirety
  • Detailed accounting and reporting
  • Direct deposit of owner funds (monthly)
  • Rent collection administration
  • A  dedicated, licensed property manager
  • Billing services (tenants, vendors, contractors)
  • Professional Real estate photography
  • The best real estate attorney’s assistance
  • Lease Re-Writing and Modifications
  • Eviction assistance

The greatest benefit and one of the main reasons why clients love full-package is its affordable fee – 8% of your monthly rent ($175 minimum) and a one-time leasing fee of $500.

Who is this bundle for? The full-service package is an optimal solution for owners who:

  • Don’t have time to perform daily duties and responsibilities
  • Lack of experience in supervising rental properties
  • Don’t live in Escondido, California
  • Need assistance in conducting multiple properties
  • Require help with legal matters
  • Prefer all-in-one place solutions for added value
  • Favor affordable fees

If you own a real estate property in Escondido, CA and want to yield the highest ROI while minimizing risks, speak to our skillful and resourceful agents.

Tenant Placement Only Package

We strive to provide exceptional services for your residential property. The tenant-placement package has been carefully put together based on our clients’ needs and requests. This customized package includes all the services revolving around finding reliable and trustworthy tenants for steady returns and maintaining the value of the property:

  • Free consultation
  • Promoted ads on websites
  • Real estate photography
  • Active lead follow up
  • Agent showings daily (including weekends)
  • Branded property signs
  • Meticulous applicant screening process
  • Negotiating lease agreements
  • Custom lease draft and execution
  • Move-in funds collection

You can get this package for only half of the first month’s rent (minimum of $750.00). Call our Escondido property manager for a free consultation.

Property Management Services We Offer in Escondido, CA



Swell Property experts are aware that one of the most crucial steps in finding reliable tenants is targeting the right consumers. To accomplish that we conduct thorough research and market analysis before promoting your property on high-traffic websites. We create effective listings to attract the desired profile of tenants and to increase visibility, accessibility, and coverage. Our marketing campaigns include professional photographs, forming adequate prices, showcasing all the amenities and necessary information (size, location, pet allowance, et cetera), and scheduling open houses. Swell management agents are exceptional experts in the local market and will reach the maximum number of potential tenants. Our main goal is to swiftly fill vacant spots, which increases revenue.



Managers of Swell Property know that finding a good and reliable tenant can be rather difficult. That is why we conduct a rigorous and comprehensive screening to find responsible and trustworthy tenants. Our screening process includes credit checks, background checks, references, income verification, and eviction history. Such a meticulous screening process keeps our eviction rate low, giving you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on finding perfectly reliable tenants in the shortest time possible.



After you make the initial real estate investment, it is very important to keep the property in optimal condition to gain maximum revenue and preserve high value. Regular inspection and maintenance are essential in ensuring the healthy condition of the property. Our managers will conduct all the necessary safety checks and repairs to make sure your property is well taken care of. The services we provide include troubleshooting tenant issues, move-in and move-out inspections, rodent and pest control, plumbing, HVAC, air conditioning, roofing and landscaping. The vendors and contractors we collaborate with are licensed and insured, which ensures quality work and safety. Our staff is on call 24/7 for emergency issues, giving you and the tenants peace of mind. In agreement with you and as a bonus, small upgrades are regularly made to increase the value of your property.



Swell Property staff collects rent and makes sure you get paid strictly on time every month, as stated in the lease agreement. Our accounting team handles rent and security deposits, owner payments via direct deposit, accounting reporting, billing, and all other related services.

Paying rent with Swell Property is easy, as tenants have the option to pay via an online portal. They are encouraged to pay online, which means you receive your income faster. This option also minimizes delinquency. Our agents also take care of late notices and eviction procedures to protect your financial stability.



Our knowledgeable experts assist with every stage of signing the lease, from initial creation of the agreement (determining rules, terms, and prices), through reviewing and assessment, to finalizing the signature. Swell Property staff ensure that the most relevant parts of the lease, its rules and regulations, are thorough and stay in compliance with the laws of the State of California. Well written lease agreement is the foundation of a successful landlord–tenant relationship. This, in turn, enables long-term and reliable and steady revenue for you.



One of many benefits of working with us is that we provide eviction protection. We shield your property and handle all legal matters in relation to the eviction process: notices, communication, negotiation, filing, overseeing the eviction process itself. Rest assured; we will help you regain possession of your rental property in a timely manner. Swell Property agents are familiar with state and federal laws of eviction. Moreover, we nurture fruitful cooperation with real estate attorneys so the eviction process will be firmly supervised by the experts. We also collect photos, notices, payments, emails, as evidence if eviction ends up in court. Even in unpleasant matters like eviction, our managers will help owners resolve this uncomfortable situation in no time.

Serving All Residential Property Types in Escondido, CA

Swell Property Managementoperates in Escondido and across San Diego coastal communities. We have abundance of experience successfully managing every type of residential real estate property:

  • Single-family homes
  • Multi-family homes
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Townhouses
  • Condominiums
  • REO (Real Estate Owned) properties
  • Apartments
  • Vacation rentals

Stellar Property Management in Escondido, CA at Affordable Price

Swell Property is an experienced team of seasoned professionals and industry experts providing impeccable service at low prices. We are faithfully committed to delivering profitable and effective management solutions for your rental property. Meeting your financial goals is our main goal and all our services are targeted at your success. We strive to maximize your revenue and time, which in turn gives you peace of mind knowing your most valuable investment is well taken care of.

With over forty years of experience in Southern California, we have established strong and long-lasting connections with other professionals in the industry. Hiring us means you will have a whole network of skillful and knowledgeable staff working to achieve your goal. With us, owning rental property is easy.

Take advantage of our expertise and enjoy abundance of benefits:

  • Hassle-free property management
  • Maximizing profits and ROI using proven management strategies
  • Increasing market value
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • All-inclusive and customized services to meet your needs
  • Access to a knowledgeable and skillful team of managers
  • Expertise in local Escondido market
  • Licensed and insured vendors and contractors
  • 24/7 availability

Let us know what you’re looking for. Let Swell Property management step in and do all the hard work for you. For free consultation call 760.452.2345 or send us an email at To get a quick estimate fill out the form below.



BBB accredited. Member of California Dept of Real Estate, North San Diego Association of Realtors, CAA and NARPM.



You get the time and attention you deserve. Direct access to property managers at any given time.



Swell has been in the property management industry since 2004. We have served thousands of clients and managed hundreds of properties.



Our main focus is local and local only. We have 4 managers in every location we serve, and we know the San Diego market inside and out.



Everything is handled personally in person or by phone, not just online and by email. We believe that it is very important to maintain a ‘hands-on” approach to our business.

We Are 5-Star Reviewed Company on Google

Serving Areas

At Swell Property, we pride ourselves on offering outstanding property management services throughout San Diego’s premier coastal neighborhoods. Please call us if you don’t see your specific area listed below. As experienced real estate professionals, we’re eager to provide you with the highest property management expertise.

Encinitas – Cardiff By The Sea – Solana Beach – Del Mar – La Jolla – Carlsbad – Oceanside – Carmel Valley – Rancho Santa Fe – Santaluz – Escondido – 4S Ranch – San Diego – Mission Beach – Fallbrook – San Marcos – Point Loma –  Bonsall – LeucadiaOlivenhainPacific BeachOcean Beach

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