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Oceanside Property Management

Hire Swell, #1-Trusted Property Management Company in Oceanside CA

Swell Property team focuses on managing your property while staying in touch with rental laws and the local market. We managed single-family homes, multi-unit residential buildings, short weekend rentals and long-term leases in Oceanside years back. Swell provides trust and exceptional relationships with clients. Our high standards and industry leadership set us apart from other management property companies in Oceanside.

Some of the services we provide as leading and licensed property managers are advertising, 24/7 repair and maintenance, eviction coordination, rent collection, dealing with legal matters and finances, accounting and reporting and more. For additional information and to find out why our San Diego property management expertise extends to being trusted across all areas in San Diego, contact us by phone at 760.452.2345.

Cost of Property Management Services in Oceanside, CA

Our prices are probably the lowest in the real estate industry in Oceanside, CA. Our clients won’t experience any hidden charges and fees, but only for the chosen services. Swell’s full-service package costs an 8% fee of the monthly rate ($175 minimum). One time leasing fee is $500 and tenant placement only costs half of the first month’s rent ($750).

The most important feature Swell property management owns is a presence which means we are here for our clients anytime. You’ll be provided with a great team of local experts and property managers who will complete daily responsibilities with attention. Commitment, reliability, and follow-through describe our business the best.

Property Management in Oceanside: Services Overview



Advertising the property is the first step to successful property management and Swell pays attention to some key components. First, we conduct an analysis of competing properties in the neighborhood and make sure that the rent is set up at the correct amount. Second, we spot all improvements and best features of your property so we can place it in the world. Our agents have great knowledge of the local Oceanside market, and they are aware of what tenants are looking for. We can hire professional photographers to give future tenants a taste of the property itself. The property description is another important step and it includes information such as size, location, whether smoking and pets are allowed, or whether it owns a garden, etc. Lastly, we will place the property on major rental websites and social media to aggressively advertise it and we can guarantee it will be leased soon enough.



Our goal is to rent your property as quickly as possible, but tenant screening must be done first. A good tenant will bring a good experience, while a bad one will cause stress and frustration. So Swell property management created a screening process that will help find the best tenant for your property. We conduct a credit check to verify the tenant’s score and payment history. It is very important that your future renter has job stability, so Swell property management verifies employment too. The most important criterion is probably a tenant’s rental history as the greatest indicator of future behavior.



The most important part of the lease agreement is the rent and when it should be paid. Swell property managers in Oceanside will make sure that your tenant pays on time every time. Having someone who is familiar with tenant law and which notices to file is of great significance. In case the tenant is late with the payment, we provide with late rent notice and collect fees at the normal rent rate. But, in case the tenant stops paying the rent, our team assists in the eviction process. The time range when rent is collected depends on the owner and what suits the best. It can be collected monthly, annually and bi-annually. Swell makes paying the rent an easy process since tenants have 24/7 access to the portal. Online payment benefits the owners too, since the money will arrive faster in their bank accounts.



The well-maintained and well-preserved property will result in quicker renting, lower turnovers, and satisfied tenants. Swell offers a 24/7 open line for any issues to occur and our vendors will respond as quickly as possible. Our agents communicate and coordinate any problem with contractors, tenants and owners so everyone is well-informed of the outcome. Swell’s priority is protecting and maintaining the property you entrust us with. Property maintenance should be proactive and produce the desirable income. The owners are also allowed to be involved if they wish to supervise or pay for the repair.



We have already stated that our company doesn’t have any hidden charges or fees and we aim to provide our clients with transparent financial reporting. Our property managers know how important it is for every property owner to keep up with the property’s performance. Swell management provides detailed financial reports and a tenant portal through which the owners can keep track of their investment. By logging into the portal, you will be able to see rents collected, vendor bills for maintenance and repair, statements and deposits by ACH processing into your bank account, etc.



Eviction is the worst-case scenario for owners and the best possible solution is to find the balance between both parties. Sometimes eviction is necessary and Swell property can save owners from unpleasant situations by dealing with the whole process. Everything we perform considering eviction is done according to local, state and federal laws. Our agents have a great collaboration with real estate lawyers and will strictly follow the procedures. Emails, payments, notices, picture and other evidence is collected in case the eviction ends up in court, but that rarely happens.

Our Full-Management and Tenant Placement Services in Oceanside Include

  • Work with a licensed, dedicated property manager
  • Agents showings 7 days a week
  • Branded property signage
  • Thorough screening of applicants
  • Lease negotiations
  • Active lead follow-up
  • Custom lease drafted and executed
  • Collection of move-in funds
  • Professional advertising photos
  • Ad syndicated on top rental websites
  • Detailed online accounting and reporting
  • Monthly direct deposit of owner funds
  • Rent collection and notices
  • Vendor and billing coordination
  • Detailed move-in/move-out photos
  • Access to the best real estate attorneys
  • Negotiate and execute lease renewals
  • 24/7 Maintenance coordination
  • Eviction protection services
  • Annual property inspections
  • Coordinate and oversee turnovers
  • Online tenant portal
  • Copies of all invoices for repairs
  • Tenant’s questions answered and resolved
  • Management systems to reduce owner liability


BBB accredited. Member of California Dept of Real Estate, North San Diego Association of Realtors, CAA and NARPM.



You get the time and attention you deserve. Direct access to property managers at any given time.



Swell has been in the property management industry since 2004. We have served thousands of clients and managed hundreds of properties.



Our main focus is local and local only. We have 4 managers in every location we serve, and we know the San Diego market inside and out.



Everything is handled personally in person or by phone, not just online and by email. We believe that it is very important to maintain a ‘hands-on” approach to our business.

Trust Swell Property to Protect Your Home and Maximize Your Investment

We are your #1 advisor and property management in Oceanside. From the moment we close the deal, all your concerns become our priority. Every property deserves the care of Swell specialists and rest assured it will land in good hands.

From preparing the property to receive tenants, inspecting them, and handling possible issues to providing accounting and legal services, Swell got it all.

  • By hiring Swell property, you’ll make more money over time – we find perfect tenants, decrease losses and increase the revenue.
  • Our agents know the law – local, state and federal knowledge
  • We understand your time is valuable – Swell provides all necessary services so you can spend your time without worrying about the property
  • We have good collaboration with contractors – this enables your property to be fully covered in case of any repairs and regular maintenance

We Are Working with Clients from the North Coastal San Diego Area

Swell property provides property management services in every major San Diego area.

Encinitas – Cardiff By The Sea – Solana Beach – Del Mar – La Jolla – Carlsbad – Oceanside – Carmel Valley – Rancho Santa Fe – Santaluz – Escondido – 4S Ranch – San Diego – Mission Beach – Fallbrook – San Marcos – Point Loma –  Bonsall – LeucadiaOlivenhainPacific BeachOcean Beach


What is the cost of full-service property management in the Oceanside area?
The price for full-service management is 8% services fee of your monthly rent ($175 minimum) and one-time leasing of ($500.00).

Do you offer tenant placement services only?
Yes, we offer tenant placement services. This service costs half the first month’s rent (minimum of $750.00).

Can your management company handle multiple properties for me?
Yes, Swell property has many clients in its portfolio with multiple properties. Call us today to discuss your needs.

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