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San Diego Rent Collection

Simplify Rent Collection in San Diego by Hiring Reputable Property Managers

Join Thousands of Satisfied Owners Who Entrust Us with Managing Their Rental Property

Collecting rent is an essential part of operating a successful rental business as it maintains steady and timely cash flow. However, it can also be quite stressful and challenging, so why not hire Swell Property to professionally collect income for you? Our streamlined property management rent collection services include payment system setup, money collection, late payment notices distribution, record keeping, direct deposit to owners, eviction notices, and more. By hiring us you will simplify rental collection operations, free up your time, and enjoy a stress-free ownership experience with rent payments always on time.

Swell Property, a boutique San Diego rental management agency founded in 2004, offers rent collection as a part of all-inclusive property management package which is tailored to every owner’s needs. Over the years, we have helped thousands of owners, landlords, and investors grow their rental businesses. We are recognized as one of the leading property management companies for luxury properties in the San Diego area. Our staff includes 4 property managers, realtors, legal and financial advisors, and other business-related professionals. Rent collection services are offered through our long-term property management package, while move-in funds collection is included in our short-term (vacation) management package. If you own a luxurious or beach rental unit and want to make rent collection and property management easy, give us a call at 760.452.2345 or fill out the form.



BBB accredited. Member of California Dept of Real Estate, North San Diego Association of Realtors, CAA and NARPM.



You get the time and attention you deserve. Direct access to property managers at any given time.



Swell has been in the property management industry since 2004. We have served thousands of clients and managed hundreds of properties.



Our main focus is local and local only. We have 4 managers in every location we serve, and we know the San Diego market inside and out.



Everything is handled personally in person or by phone, not just online and by email. We believe that it is very important to maintain a ‘hands-on” approach to our business.

San Diego Rent Collection Services by Swell

Whether you own a beach house or upscale apartment for rent in vibrant San Diego coastal area, you undoubtedly made a valuable investment.

Beach-style lifestyle, luxury, and perfect weather are just some of the reasons why the rental market is booming in San Diego, and owning a rental property is a fantastic way to secure your financial future. However, successful management of such a property requires a lot of effort, expertise and time. Hiring professionals like Swell Property can lift the burden off of your shoulders and help you make the most of your investment.

Rent collection is a vital part of long-term property management package. This component of the package is designed to handle financial aspects and secure on-time rent payments. Rent collection includes services such as:

Setting Up Payment System

The first step is setting up the way the rent will be collected. Typically, landlords and tenants prefer automated payment systems, such as online portals, as they are convenient and accessible 24/7. You could still opt for a more traditional route, like mailing or face-to-face meetings, for tenants that are not tech-savvy. Note that these payment methods can be impractical or even a deciding factor when prospective residents are choosing a place to rent. Swell Property can set up an online, user-friendly payment system, which is fast and easily tracked for added convenience.

Collecting Rent

As part of the lease agreement, your residents are expected to pay the full amount of rent on time each month. Our managers diligently track the payments and make sure all deposits are made by the due date. Payment platforms are practical and transparent because they provide updated balance reports.

Transferring Funds to Owners

The next step is transferring money into the owner’s account. Swell Property’s staff transfers the money via direct deposit, or other methods such as check or mail, as per previous agreement with the landlord.

Record Keeping

Another service we offer is thorough record keeping, including dates, amounts, late fees, and non-payments. Transparent financials encourage strong agency-client relationships, loyalty and enhanced security. We work closely with clients to make sure they fulfil their obligations on time, minimizing the risk of losing money.

Monthly Statements

Monthly statements are an integral part of our rent collection service. Each month, your designated property manager will send you a detailed report which includes income and expenses. This enables streamlined procedures and easier progress tracking.

Year-End Tax Filing

At the end of the tax year, the property manager will provide a summary of financial processing for your tax reports. The documentation we supply contains information on gross income and expenses throughout the year.

Late Payment Follow Up

Rent collection is a great form of passive income, which is why having quality occupants who fulfil financial duties regularly is essential for a profitable rental business. However, unpaying occupants can cause a lot of stress and problems, including you losing money. The best way to protect your investment is to hire a professional management company to take care of on-time rent collection. If renters do not pay on time, we will follow up by contacting them directly, sending reminders, or distributing late payment notices.

Eviction Procedure

As our management services include tenant placement and screening, you can rest assured you will have quality residents and responsible payers. The lease agreement clearly states when rent is due. If any of the renters is late with payment, we employ strategies such as an open line of communication, late notices and reminders to straighten out the issue before beginning eviction procedures. If your revenue becomes jeopardized, we will start the eviction procedures in compliance with local California laws. Although this is extremely rare, we do have ample experience to handle the issue professionally.

10 Reasons Why Every Owner Should Use Professional Rent Collection Services

There are numerous advantages to choosing Swell Property to manage your luxury rental property:

  • Collecting rent on time every month
  • Get paid faster
  • Maintaining a steady cash flow
  • Stress-free experience
  • Time-saving
  • Multiple payment options
  • Safe and secure
  • Improved owner-renter relationships
  • 24/7 access
  • Alleviated rent-related disputes

Why We Are San Diego’s Favorite Property Management Company  

By using our rent collection service, you will have peace of mind and a consistent revenue flow. What sets us apart from other local rental management agencies:

  • 100% customer-centric approach
  • Thousands of happy clients                    
  • Coordinated rent collection for hundreds of properties
  • Industry presence since 2004
  • Strong community ties in San Diego
  • Boutique style agency
  • Personable, responsive, and knowledgeable team
  • Fully licensed, bonded, and insured
  • BBB accredited company
  • Member of California Department of Real Estate, North San Diego Association of Realtors, CAA and NARPM

Make Rental Collection Easier & Keep Your Profits High with Swell Property

The success of your rental business relies on rent. It secures your financial future by paying your bills. If you need assistance with managing your property, reach out to our real estate experts, who will ensure you get paid regularly and on time. Swell Property stands out as one of the most respectable boutique management agencies in San Diego for luxury real estate. We have successfully managed rent collection for beachfront residences, modern upscale apartments, and luxury retreats. Contact us via 760.452.2345 or fill out the form for more information on how we can secure a consistent revenue influx for you.

Rental Collection Services for Owners and Landlords in Coastal San Diego Area

Swell Property portfolio includes management of hundreds of luxury rental properties throughout San Diego area.

Encinitas – Cardiff By The Sea – Solana Beach – Del Mar – La Jolla – Carlsbad – Oceanside – Carmel Valley – Rancho Santa Fe – SantaluzEscondido4S RanchSan DiegoMission BeachFallbrook

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rent collection policy?

A rent collection policy is a set of rules regarding rent payment terms and conditions included in the lease agreement. This policy helps the owner avoid late payments and enforce late fees. Rent collection policy should include information like exact amount due, period of time covered, what is included in the price, payment methods, due date, grace period, late fees, checks details, what happens if rent is late or not paid. This section of the lease should be written clearly to avoid any confusion and miscommunication. If you are not sure how to compose a good lease agreement, contact Swell Property. Our property management package includes drafting lease documentation for added security.

How do I simplify rent settlement for renters?

Research has shown that residents are more likely to pay by due date when the owners remain consistent with payment methods. If you change the methods too often, you face the risk of confusion and late payments. Prompt dealing with late payments and multiple payment options will also simplify the procedures. Lastly, tenants will have more confidence in you as an owner if you remain consistent with rental operations. Using professional rent collection and property management services from reputable agencies like Swell Property can significantly enhance both owner’s and tenant’s experience.

What are the benefits of online rent collection?

There are too many advantages to count. Some of them include convenience, accessibility, accuracy, record keeping, reminders and notifications, and helpful data for tax calculations.

How much does professional rent collection cost?

Rent collection is part of a full-service property management package which includes marketing, tenant placement, maintenance and repair services. The price of the package is only 8% of the service fee of your monthly rent ($175 minimum) and one-time leasing fee of $500. For more information on pricing, contact us at 760.452.2345.

Check or online payment – which is better?on cost?

For the landlord, online payments are more convenient as tenants are more likely to pay on time when using electronic systems due to 24/7 access and convenience. Many renters tend to set up recurring payments, which guarantees timely deposits in the next few months. In addition, with online systems, bank details are protected, reminders can be generated automatically, and there is no delay to accessing the money. You can easily track income and expenses, as you have online statements and reports provided. On the other hand, checks are preferred mostly among senior citizens who are not familiar with technology.

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