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San Diego Rental Property Advertising

Dominate San Diego’s Rental Market with Our Powerful Advertising Strategies

Helping Rental Owners Reach Maximum Exposure and Full Occupancy Quickly

Most rental property owners and landlords are aware of how much time and effort advertising requires. If you want to market your rental property efficiently, it’s best to use industry professionals like Swell Property. We are a licensed boutique property management agency in San Diego offering advertising services such as price analysis, ad creation, listing placement, showings, tracking and analysis. With our extensive expertise and innovative marketing techniques, we can make sure your property stands out in the competitive San Diego rental market. We will help you reach maximum visibility and enable a larger pool of interested renters, ultimately finding you perfect tenants in a short amount of time. Rental advertising is available for long-term rentals and vacation rentals in San Diego.

Swell Property uses comprehensive real estate and marketing knowledge to launch powerful advertising and attract high-quality clients. Our portfolio spans over 20 years and includes thousands of satisfied owners and hundreds of marketed properties like luxury beach residences, townhouses, apartments, and multifamily homes.  Our skillful team includes 4 property managers, realtors, accountants, and other industry-related professionals. If you need assistance with advertising your rental in San Diego, reach us at 760.452.2345 or fill out the contact form.



BBB accredited. Member of California Dept of Real Estate, North San Diego Association of Realtors, CAA and NARPM.



You get the time and attention you deserve. Direct access to property managers at any given time.



Swell has been in the property management industry since 2004. We have served thousands of clients and managed hundreds of properties.



Our main focus is local and local only. We have 4 managers in every location we serve, and we know the San Diego market inside and out.



Everything is handled personally in person or by phone, not just online and by email. We believe that it is very important to maintain a ‘hands-on” approach to our business.

Rental Advertising Services in San Diego

Hiring a property management company to advertise your rental unit can be highly beneficial. Being in San Diego’s real estate business since 2004, Swell Property knows the ins and outs of the local rental market and knows when and how to market your estate. One of our well-versed managers will be assigned to you to coordinate the marketing campaign for your rental.

Our comprehensive rental advertising includes these services:

Rental Price Analysis

The first step of a successful advertising campaign is analyzing the value of the property. Before a successful promotional campaign can be launched, a thorough property assessment must be carried out, in order to determine the actual rental value and optimal rental price. Rental value depends on various elements, such as location, market circumstances, the condition of the unit, amenities, etc. By conducting an in-depth analysis and competitive rental pricing analysis, we form the most accurate price and identify possible areas of improvement for maximizing ROI.

Professional Photography & Video

Powerful and creative visual aids, such as high-quality photos and videos are vital for attracting prospective tenants. Potential tenants will only come to see your property in person if it looks good online too. Hence, we utilize professional real estate photographers to provide high-quality visual content for communicating with the target rental population. In summary,  we employ visual marketing tools to increase visibility, encourage engagement and raise the number of interested candidates.

Ad Creation

The foundation of our marketing strategy is identifying and addressing a specific target group of large San Diego’s rental population. We design catchy ads by keeping your ideal tenants in mind.  Engaging advertisements highlight unique features and amenities, catchy headlines, striking imagery, and relevant property information.

Listing Placement

Knowing where to place the ad is important in reaching a wider audience and increasing the number of interested consumers. San Diego rental market is colossal, which is why we place ads strategically to major real estate advertising domains, such as Zillow, MLS, and Buildium. Websites such as these attract millions of visitors, which is a significant client base. Yet, we expand your ads visibility furthermore by placing it in various other places like social media and classifieds. Additionally, every listing we create is optimized for search engines.  


Our services include placing “For Rent” mobile signs in compliance with local laws and regulations. This traditional promotional tool raises awareness in the physical world and might help attract better tenants who are looking to stay long-term. We raise property awareness by placing the sign in high-traffic areas.

Inquiries and Showings

Rental property showing is a very powerful technique which is used to give tenants a preliminary view of the premises. Our savvy realtors maximize productivity and showcase all the features and amenities of the rental property during showings. For increased flexibility and convenience, showings are scheduled 7 days a week. Furthermore, our agents are known for fast response time to marketing inquiries, which directly increases the chances of positive outcomes.

Updating the Listing

The best single factor guaranteeing high occupancy rates is having the right rental price. Sometimes, the value of the rental property can be influenced by market conditions that require advertisement updates. The update of the listing includes price changes that reflect the actual property value, availability updates, or improved photography.

Tracking and Analysis

Throughout the promotional campaign Swell staff monitors the performance and adjusts the listing accordingly. Sometimes the reach can be increased by modifying the wording, altering the price, or changing online platforms for rental advertising. By tracking and analysis your listing will be fully optimized for maximum reach for the duration of the campaign.

Full-Service Management

Swell offers a range of property management services customed especially for your type of property. We work to preserve real estate investment and make sure to complete all required tasks for you. Swell charges only an 8% services fee which makes a minimum of $175, while one-time leasing costs $500.

Tenant Placement Only

Some clients may just ask for a tenant placement service. Swell offers this service for only half of the first month’s rent, which is a minimum of $750. Our team will make sure to find, place and complete all necessary paperwork with your future tenant.

Why Choose Swell Property? Discover What Sets Us Apart from Other San Diego Rental Management Companies

Take advantage of our real estate marketing expertise for better visibility, faster occupancy and maximized income. What sets us apart from other local rental management agencies:

  • 20 years of experience                                       
  • Superb customer service
  • Respectable and trustworthy team
  • Local San Diego real estate expertise
  • BBB accredited
  • Member of California DRE, North San Diego Association of Realtors, CAA and NARPM

Contact us for Full-Service Property Management & Rental Advertising in San Diego

For more than 20 years Swell Property helps rental units stick out among the harsh competition in San Diego market. We understand the challenges rental owners face and how important it is to attract ideal tenants. Your rental business success depends on how strongly you advertise. Swell Property’s innovative marketing techniques promote your property through various channels, thus ensuring high occupancy rates and increased revenues. With our extensive real estate marketing experience and highly personalized service we aggressively market your property and guide you towards accomplishing your renting goals. If you want to make your rental business flourish and have a massive market presence, give us a call at 760.452.2345 or fill out the form.

Serving San Diego’s Coastal Area

Swell Property advertising services are available for rental owners across San Diego coastal area. If you don’t see your market below, contact us for more information.

Encinitas – Cardiff By The Sea – Solana Beach – Del Mar – La Jolla – Carlsbad – Oceanside – Carmel Valley – Rancho Santa Fe – SantaluzEscondido4S RanchSan DiegoMission BeachFallbrook

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is rent rate important for marketing?

Successful marketing campaigns help you raise awareness of the property. However, in order for your property to actually have maximum occupancy rates, you need to have the right price, which is neither too low, nor too high. A price too low will attract a lot of interested tenants, many of which will not be a suitable fit for you. On the other hand, a price too high will not appeal to the majority of prospective renters. 

How do I set the correct rent rate?

When forming the rental rate, it is essential to stay up to date with current local rental trends. Things like location, size, property condition, amenities, and features have to be taken into consideration in order to create the right price. Having professional assistance when setting the rates will enable you to find good tenants and make your rental business flourish.

How do I prepare the property for renting?

Some of the things you can do to prepare the property for renting include professional cleaning, home repairs, improving curb appeal, pest inspection, regular air and water filter change, purchasing adequate insurance policy for rental owners.

Helpful tips for effective rental property advertising 

Some proven advertising tactics for attracting desirable tenants and reducing vacancy rates include:

  • Multiple platforms presence
  • Identifying high-quality tenant characteristics
  • Understanding client demographics
  • Using traditional marketing tools like yard signs or referrals for older demographic
  • Placing listings on popular real estate sites
  • Social network advertising
  • Setting an accurate price based on market conditions
  • Striking photography
  • Captivating ad content

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