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San Diego Rental Property Maintenance

Raise Your Real Estate’s Value with Professional Rental Property Maintenance Services in San Diego

Start Increasing Your Returns by Using Swell Property Management Services  

After you have purchased real estate intended for renting, it is essential to maintain its condition healthy, as optimal condition increases the value. Swell Property can help you by providing professional rental property management. Our services include all aspects of preventive and corrective maintenance, 24/7 emergency assistance, vendor coordination, and annual inspections. These services are offered through our packages for long-term property management and vacation rental management.

Swell Property team, comprised of 4 managers, relators, accountants, and licensed local subcontractors, works hard to help you increase tenant retention rate and secure consistent revenue. With thousands of happy landlords and hundreds of luxury residences in our portfolio, we have built a solid reputation and are recognized as leading rental property management providers in the San Diego area. Our boutique agency, founded in 2004, is fully licensed and insured, and a proud member of major California real estate associations. If you want our help to keep your estate well-maintained and appealing, give us a call at 760.452.2345 or fill out the form and receive a quick quote.



BBB accredited. Member of California Dept of Real Estate, North San Diego Association of Realtors, CAA and NARPM.



You get the time and attention you deserve. Direct access to property managers at any given time.



Swell has been in the property management industry since 2004. We have served thousands of clients and managed hundreds of properties.



Our main focus is local and local only. We have 4 managers in every location we serve, and we know the San Diego market inside and out.



Everything is handled personally in person or by phone, not just online and by email. We believe that it is very important to maintain a ‘hands-on” approach to our business.

Rental Property Maintenance Services

Owning luxury rental real estate in San Diego requires regular and diligent repair services in order to keep the premises in safe and habitable condition. Property maintenance preserves both healthy condition of your rental unit and the market value by handling issues as they arise and by conducting regular maintenance inspections. Our agency offers an effective bundle of repair services as part of long-term management package. It is also included in our short-term (vacation) rental management package for those of you who rent out beach or urban residences short-term or seasonally. 

Our rental property repair and maintenance services include:

Maintenance and Repair

Corrective maintenance services are coordinated by your designated property manager and include repairing physical deterioration by ordinary use (reasonable wear and tear) such as worn carpet, light scuff marks on walls or floors, drywall patching, peeling wallpaper, etc. It also includes fixing more serious problems on the premises and grounds, like issues with piping, water leaks, toilets, electrical work, or water heaters. After the tenant reports the issue, our manager immediately contacts trusted vendors to resolve the issue as soon as possible, in order to reduce inconveniences for the tenants.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

24/7 hotline for emergencies is a substantial advantage for your tenants. Having on-call personnel gives tenants a sense of security and confidence, which is quite important when you think about occupant retention rates and high-quality tenants. When an accident like bursting pipe or water heater breakage occurs, our manager swiftly coordinates the repair with local, reputable vendors. The priority is placed on quality work and prompt response.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive operations include regular maintenance such as gutter cleaning, changing HVAC filters, pest control, re-caulking, power washing, special amenities (pool, hot tub, sauna) and so on. Precautionary maintenance is vital for increasing your rental unit worth, as they are a major factor in retaining the proper and healthy condition of the estate.

Regular Inspections

Regular building and ground inspections are very helpful as they identify and resolve problems before they escalate further. More importantly, frequent inspections ensure your real estate remains profitable in the future. Inspections include testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, checking appliances, inspecting the pipes, etc.

Tenant Requests for Maintenance

Swell Property provides user-friendly system for tenants to submit repair requests. The procedure is fairly simple and straightforward: after the issue has been reported, our property manager will promptly coordinate the repair with the subcontractor.

Move-in & Move-out Inspections

Before the new tenant moves in, the manager will inspect the premises and organize repairs if necessary in order to have the unit safe and ready for the next occupant. In case there are repairs which do not fall under the normal wear and tear, funds will be used from the security deposit amount so that you, as an owner, do not have unexpected expenses.

Safety Regulations Compliance  

Our team is familiar with all local, state, and federal rules and regulations pertinent to California’s rental industry. We will ensure your property follows all local health and safety regulations.

Budgeting for Maintenance

Another valuable service includes budgeting for maintenance. Swell Property staff protects your real estate investment by creating a proposed budget plan for maintenance and emergency repairs. Careful planning raises the value of the estate and increases tenant retention.

Vendor & Subcontractors

We pride on our wide network of local vendors and independent subcontractors which warranty quality work and compliance with safety regulations. All of our collaborators are licensed and insured for added protection. We have strong local community ties and a preferred list of contractors available for emergency repairs.

Why Choose Us for Rental Property Maintenance?

If you are looking for a company with extensive experience, knowledge, and good reputation, Swell Property is the most effective rental management company in San Diego.

  • No hidden costs 
  • Boutique, licensed agency
  • 4 managers in San Diego
  • Superb customer service
  • 20+ years in business
  • Solid reputation
  • Maintained over 100 properties in the area
  • Thousands of satisfied landlords
  • BBB accredited
  • California DRE, CAA, North San Diego Association of Realtors,  and NARPM member

Maintenance for Rental Property Is Effortless with Swell

As with any other business, rental ownership business should be profitable and successful. However, sometimes, hiring professionals to assist you in accomplishing your goals is the smartest thing to do. Partner with Swell Property and utilize miscellaneous property management services we offer, from maintenance, repair, and marketing, to tenant placement and rent collection. By hiring us, you will gain extra time, reduce stress, and increase the worth of your real estate. Renting in San Diego has huge potential, take advantage of your opportunity to earn maximum revenues. Call us at 760.452.2345 to find out how.

Expertly Servicing Coastal Zone of San Diego

Whatever your rental property size is, and wherever in San Diego coastal area you are located, Swell Property has you covered. We provide rental maintenance and management services for luxury and beach estates in the following places:

Encinitas – Cardiff By The Sea – Solana Beach – Del Mar – La Jolla – Carlsbad – Oceanside – Carmel Valley – Rancho Santa Fe – SantaluzEscondido4S RanchSan DiegoMission BeachFallbrook

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is average rental property maintenance cost?

The price of our services depends on the type of package you choose. Long-term management package (including maintenance) is priced at 8% of your monthly rent ($175 minimum) and one-time leasing fee of $500. Maintenance as part of short-term (vacation) package cost depends on various factors, such as location, size, and local market trends. Call us to find out what the exact fee would be.

How do I partner with you?

Connecting with us is simple. It starts with free consultation, followed by property assessment and analysis and signing up the contract. From there on, we are at your service 24/7. Contact us for more information on collaboration.

Should I invest in rental property in San Diego?

San Diego has fantastic real estate potential. About half the population of San Diego are renters, which would give you huge opportunity to earn extra income. Areas close to the beach are particularly popular and rent out fast: Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Carlsbad, Mission Bay, etc. Beach areas are also more expensive, with lots of luxurious estates. As a local real-estate agency, we can also assist you in purchasing and setting up your future rental property.

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