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Leading San Diego Vacation Rental Management

Unlock the Full Potential of Your San Diego Vacation Rental Business, Hire Swell Property

If you are looking for a highly skilled and reputable vacation rental management company in San Diego to assist you in generating a steady flow of income, look no further than Swell Property. Our first-class short-term management services include promotional advertising, customer support, concierge, maintenance, housekeeping, legal assistance, accounting and more. The broad range of services we offer are designed to increase your revenue and ensure a spectacular stay for your guests.

We are San Diego’s leading vacation rental management company helping owners make the most of their real estate investment. Our portfolio includes handling over $100 million in vacation rentals, such as beach houses, bungalows, lofts, and penthouses. Our main goal is to create a stress-free experience for property owners with streamlined management solutions and personalized approach. Our team of seasoned realtors, managers, attorneys, and other industry-related professionals look after each property with focused attention so that the guests enjoy a memorable stay while you reap the benefits.

Elevate the potential of your vacation rental property with the full spectrum of management services offered by Swell Property.  Call us to discover how we can help your vacation rental business blossom.

Full-service Vacation Rental Management in San Diego

Buying a vacation rental unit in San Diego can be a clever step forward if you want to earn extra money, have financial freedom, or enjoy real estate tax benefits. However, to achieve these goals, the property must be in top condition, the guests must be satisfied, and you must adhere to market trends.

At Swell, we fully understand the difficulties of managing a vacation rental property in ruthlessly competitive San Diego market. That is why we offer an all-inclusive range of services created to alleviate the stress out of property management, leaving you to enjoy the numerous benefits of ownership.

When you hire Swell Property, you can forget about all the time-consuming marketing tasks, guest inquiries, and check-ins. We use proven advanced techniques to boost online presence, ensuring your property stands out from the competition.

Our full-service package covers a wide range of services customized to meet your unique needs. Here is an outline of management areas we handle:


  • Listing optimization: By using powerful marketing techniques, we increase your property’s visibility and attract more potential guests.
  • Compelling listing description: Our team creates captivating ad text to ensure your listing distinctively stands out from the competition.
  • Professional real estate photography: Eye-catching imagery and visual improvements showcase your rental’s best features while grabbing the attention of potential clients.
  • Wide exposure: By utilizing valuable partnerships and various channels, we expand the exposure across multiple online platforms, thus appealing to a broader audience.

Dynamic Pricing

  • Data-driven strategy: We use advanced algorithms and San Diego market analysis so that your property is always priced optimally, thus reducing vacancy rates.
  • Rate adjustments: Our seasoned real estate agents continuously monitor demand, seasonality, local events, and local market trends to adjust your rates and maximize your revenue.
  • Rate optimization: Swell Property main goal is to maintain the perfect balance between high occupancy rate and maximum revenues.

Guest Management

  • Responsive guest inquiries: All inquiries are addressed promptly, providing their peace of mind and satisfaction.
  • 24/7 customer support: We are available round-the-clock to assist guests with any inquiries or issues they may have.
  • Concierge services: Our highly customized concierge will assist guests in scheduling and coordinating transportation in San Diego, recommending places of interest and restaurants, obtaining tickets, providing front desk service and much more.
  • Seamless check-in and check-out: By applying smooth procedures we add another convenience which guests today want.
  • Stellar customer support: By providing exceptional service, Swell Property boosts 5-star reviews and referrals, increasing your property’s desirability and acquiring loyal customers.


  • Housekeeping & cleaning: Professional cleaning between guest stays keeps your property in pristine condition for guest arrivals. Amenities are restocked regularly; linen and laundry services are also available.
  • Repairs & maintenance: We partner with reliable local vendors to keep your property impeccable, ensuring exceptional experience for the guests while protecting your investment.
  • Regular inspections: Swell Property excels in maintaining the quality and appeal of your property by applying preventive methods with regular inspections and checks.

Law & Accounting

  • Local regulations compliance: Our highly skilled legal team ensures your vacation rental property adheres to local, state, and federal laws.
  • Contract management: We conduct preparation and completion of agreements and contracts, making sure they are legally valid to protect your interest as the property owner.
  • Mitigating liabilities: We stay updated on current legal regulations, which helps in mitigating liability risks.
  • Financial reporting: You, as an owner, will be provided with regular reports, including financial details about your property’s income and expenses. Our service also includes rent and deposit collection.





San Diego Vacation Rental Market Outlined

Owning a vacation rental property in lucrative San Diego market has a fantastic potential for growth. The city is famous for its gorgeous weather, stunning surf-worthy beaches, top-rated attractions, and world-class events like Comic-Con International. Being a hot tourist destination, it also tops the list as one of the most profitable US cities for vacation rental hosts’ revenue.

What does this mean for you as an owner? It means that you have picked a potentially high-yielding property location. However, the competition is fierce, and it will be quite challenging to aim for a recommended minimum of 10% returns on investment. To accomplish your goals and make enough profit you would have to weigh in and analyze not only San Diego thriving market, but also all other areas in relation to vacation rental ownership.  

Or you can simply outsource the operations to a respectable local rental management company like Swell Property. We know San Diego’s market ins and outs and will use our proficiency and extensive knowledge to research and analyze all the factors which might affect your profit, such as:

Seasonality & Rental Demand

The city experiences a considerable influx of tourists, particularly in the summer and holiday seasons, which affects occupancy and vacation rental rates. In cases where seasonality factors in, Swell’s proficient realtors will apply dynamic pricing strategies to get the most ROI for you. High season is in the summer (June to August) and during major holidays. The low season is from December to February, with the highest rainfall.

Local Regulations for Short-term Rental Business

Starting 2022, San Diego has newly enacted law enforcing hosts to register for a STRO license (Short-Term Residential Occupancy).  To obtain a license, an owner must also have other relevant documentation prepared: TOT (Transient Occupancy Tax) certificate and rental unit business tax account. Compliance with local laws can influence the management of the property, so it is very important to always be familiar with current rules and regulations in San Diego. Swell Property can help lift this burden off your shoulders. Our realtors and legal advisors are highly skilled and will handle all licensing matters while complying with current laws.


If you are thinking of purchasing a property for the vacation rental business, our real estate experts can advise you about the best location for your specific needs. High-season occupancy can bring you a lot of money in a short time. However, you probably want to ensure year-round money influx to optimize your revenue. Many neighborhoods in San Diego offer plenty of amenities and attractions like beaches, parks and shopping areas. One of the most appealing neighborhoods for travelers are North Park, Mission Hills, and downtown San Diego.

Voted Best Vacation Rental Managers in Greater San Diego

Transform Your San Diego Vacation Rental into a Thriving Investment

By entrusting your vacation rental management to respectable and trustworthy professionals of Swell Property, you can enjoy the benefits of increased revenue and more free time. You will gain the freedom to focus on what matters most while we handle day-to-day operations. Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to streamline your short-term rental management, elevate your revenue, and provide your guests with a wonderful stay. Contact us at 760.452.2345 to experience a truly hands-off rental management approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a rental agreement?

A short-term rental agreement serves to protect you, your property, and your guests. It contains the rights and responsibilities of both guests and owners, and it should include things like property description, security deposit, cancellations, etc. It is recommended to craft the contract with legal assistance to have maximum protection for your rental business.

2. How much is vacation rental management fee in San Diego?

The fee is determined based on location, type of property, size, condition of rental, etc. To find out the exact fee, it is best to contact us directly and we will gladly assist you.

3. What are vacation rental expenses?

If you own a rental unit, you can expect various expenses, such as repairs, cleaning, furnishing, insurance and marketing. Under certain conditions, your vacation rental is also eligible for real estate tax write-offs such as mortgage interest, utilities and insurance can be deducted.

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